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Southwest Barrels

vinny ohare
P.O. Box 940711 Rockaway Park, NY 11694
  • p: (917) 575-6570

Welcome to my site. I discovered that liked to take pictures when he was about 10! Standing in between the two Twin Towers looking up from the cement courtyard trying to get both buildings in focus. I can remember the day like it wasn't 35 years ago.

It wasn't until after I retired from working in the NY Subway that I picked up photography more seriously though. Guess I just didn't have the time. Ever since I met Debbie the love of my life who is constantly pushing me to take more photos did I take it more seriously. Debbie is a pro photographer and she saw my talent even if I didn't at first.

I have a wide diversity when it comes to what I photograph. Some people call themselves nature photographers or landscape photographers but I don't put a label on what I shoot. I love nature shots and we are lucky that we have the Jamaica Bay wildlife reserve in walking distance of our house. I love taking photos of landscapes and birds and could spend all day in the woods waiting for the next bird to fly in.

I love sports and have a very popular NASCAR website where I put our photos when we go to the races. That doesn't happen as often as it use to but we are getting back on schedule and plan to go to more races. One of my goals is to shoot from the sidelines at an Atlanta Falcons game. Wouldn't mind trying to shoot a Mets or Yankees game but haven't applied for that yet.

I love to shoot animals, a few years ago Debbie and I went to Florida and took some great shots of Butterflies that turned into a book. Flowers With Wings (Butterfly Photographic Series)

I love to shoot photos of cars. I attend the local car show and take pictures of all the cars for the guys. I plan on making a book of them over the winter to go along with my classic Cadillac book. Cadillac Pictures Volume 1: Cadillac Photos.

Of course being in NYC I have developed a love for the old buildings and the details that were put into them. I find it hard walking around Manhattan without looking up all the time. Something about the city and photography go hand in hand. You never know what you will see when you turn a corner and that thrill excites me. Over the last couple of months I have taken shots at a stunt bike show, and even a water rescue.

Vinny on CNNA few years ago my pictures made it on to CNN when the space shuttle enterprise crashed into a train bridge near our house. That was kind of a thrill. I can now say that millions of people have seen my photos.

I don't mean to sound like I am bragging but there are a lot of photographers out there that never get their photos seen by anyone. I want my photos out there for people to enjoy. They are not doing anyone any good sitting on my hard drive.

Of course taking a photo like this and having CNN ask you to use it was being in the right place at the right time. It took a lot of planning the day the space shuttle came in and I always plan my photo hunts in advance.

Photographic Specializations Automotive, Aviation, Landscape/Panoramic, Marine, Nature/Wildlife, Pets, Photojournalism, Sports/Action, Still Life, Travel.